DOT-4 Brake Fluid


Wellneft DOT-4 is high performance poly glycol based brake fluid specially designed for use in disc, drum & Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS) of any commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles operating under moderate to severe conditions and requiring a DOT 4 type of fluid.


• High boiling point reduces the impact of moisture absorption while in service and provides reliable braking performance

• Superior oxidative stability resists oxidation at high temperatures encountered in disk braking systems

• Superior high temperature stability and low temperature fluidity ensure trouble free operation

• Effective corrosion inhibitors provide long term corrosion protection to the metallic components of the brake systems

• Provides lubricity and system protection

• Compatible with all seals and metals used in conventional braking systems requiring poly glycol brake fluids


• Hydraulic brake fluid systems in cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles where DOT 4 type of brake fluid is specified

• Disc and drum brakes including modern vehicles fitted with ABS requiring DOT 4 quality fluids

• Hydraulic clutch systems requiring fluids of this quality

Performans /Meet Requirements: DOT-4

Packages: 250 ml