W-Gear Protect EP 75W90 GL-5

Wellneft W-Gear Protect_EP 75W90 GL-5HEAVY DUTY GEAR OIL

W-Gear EP 75W90 GL-5 is a high performance heavy duty automotive gear oil. This gear oil is manufactured from high quality base oils and high levels of extreme pressure addititves to provide a lubricant with outstanding wear protection. This product offers exceeds the performance of other GL4/5 products in terms of symnchroniser performance, thermal and oxidation stability, shift quality and fuel efficiency.

• Long service life

• Smoother gear shift

• Exceptional wear and protection

• Thermal and oxidation stability

• Corrosion protections


Cars, trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and machines as well as many tool in the gearbox and differential, spiral bevel, hypoid gear system used in the four seasons.

Performans /Meet Requirements: API: GL-5

Packages: 1L-4L-5L-18L-200L