W-Lexium GX 5W30 SN/CF


W-Lexium 5W-30 is fully synthetic engine oils intended for the most up-to-date gasoline engines of passenger cars, light trucks, off-roaders, microbuses of Japanese, Korean and American make, which require the energy-saving oils


• Higher base number
Wear debris removal and higher acid-neutralizing abilities prevent rapid oil oxidation and retain performance properties of the oils throughout their life (even when used in out-ofwarranty cars).

• Cleaning and dispersant properties
Enhanced cleaning and dispersant properties prevent deposit and lacquer formation, maintain system cleanness and maximize engine longevity.

• Viscosity-temperature characteristics
Stable viscosity is guaranteed over a wide temperature range throughout the service life of oil.

• Seal compatibility
Good compatibility with seal materials retains seal elasticity and reduces the risk of oil leakage.

• Wear protection
The oils deliver outstanding lubrication of friction pairs during long-lasting operation at maximum speed and under highest loads. The products reduce wear and provide reliable protection of engine throughout the lubricants life.


For use in modern turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines of passanger cars, microbuses and light trucks. Provides easy cold start. Effectively protects engine against wear and corrosion, even under the most severe conditions. Apply according to the OEM manual.

Performans /Meet Requirements: API SN/CF

Product Code: 4634955125301 – 4630934759864

Packages: 1-4-5-200L