W-Truck X-Action HD 50 SF/CF

Wellneft W-Truck X-Action HD 50MONO GRADE ENGINE OIL

Wellneft HD 50 oil designed for use in diesel engines where monograde oils are specified. Wellneft HD oils formulated from high quality mineral base oils and advanced additive system. They’ve effective balance of detergents and dispersants to minimize the formation of sludge and deposits, retain alkalinity and reduce wear. Specially engineered to provide protection in hot climate.


• Good temperature-viscosity dependence guarantees trouble-free start of engine, high oil feed rates in winter conditions and efficient lubrication in operating temperature range.

• High thermal and oxidation stability.

• Advanced anti-wear protection, minimum sludge and deposits formation.

• Good protection against corrosion, deposits and wear when recommended change interval is followed.


•Low evaporation loss: Reducing oil consumption and burn-off to minimize maintenance and oil filling costs

•Enhanced acid control system: High acid neutralizing capacity provides superior corrosion protection throughout the oil drain period in areas where sulfur fuel is high

•Improved detergent additives: Piston deposits control to reduce maintenance costs

•Thermal and oxidation stability: Prolonged drain intervals

Performans /Meet Requirements: API SF/CF

Product Code: 4630934764127 – 4630034749536 – 4630034749789 – 4630934759765

Packages: 1-4-5-200L